ANALOG CABIN is a bespoke production facility located in the heart of Sydney.

Our acoustically treated soundproof control room is equipped with a handpicked selection of boutique analog and digital synthesizers,vintage drum machines, sought after analog mixers, analog and digital effects, customized outboard processors, sequencers, samplers and ADAM A7X powered reference monitors.

ANALOG CABIN is set up for Music Production, Sound Design, Recording and Mixing, as well as for Voice Over and Commercial Film & Television work.

Sound designers, composers, remix services and producers are available.

Call or email us to discuss our competitive rates.
We also have in House Engineers who can work with you on your project.

Please get in Contact if you would like a quote.

Gear List

The following hardware is available along with a Mac system including
24bit multi-track recording via Metric Halo 2882 Expanded Audio Interface & full audio software suite.


Soundcraft 6000
Allen & Heath ZED R-16
MTR 6-4-2 Series II

Tape Decks:

Revox B77 1/4″ 15ips
Tascam DA30mkII DAT Machine
Denon DR-M07


DBX 566 Compressor with Mullard Tubes
FMR RNC 1773 Really Nice Compressor
TL Audio Indigo Series Valve EQ
PRIME 4000E Solid State Mixbus Compressor


Korg GR-1 Analog Stereo Spring Reverb
Dynacord Echocord Mini Tape Delay
Ensoniq DP4 Parallel Effects Processor
Lexicon MPX100 Digital Reverb / Delay
Roland DEP5 Digital Reverb / Delay
Moog MF-104z Analog Delay
Boss Dm-2 Analog Delay
Boss Chorus RCE10
Boss DSD-2 Digital Sampler/Delay
Carbon Copy MXR M169 Analog Delay
Boss RPS10 Pitch Shifter
Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes Overdrive / Distortion

Drum Machines:

Roland TR909
Roland TR808
Roland TR707
Roland TR727
Casio RZ1
Alesis HR-16
Modded Roland TR606
Vermona DRM1 MKIII


Roland JD-800
Arturia MiniBrute
Alesis Andromeda
Roland System 100 102 Expander
Oberheim SEM
Waldorf Microwave XTk Wavetable Synthesizer
Yamaha SS30 String Synthesizer
Dave Smith Mopho
Novation MiniNova
Roland Sh09 Synthesizer
Yamaha DX200 FM Synthesizer
Kawai K5000 Advanced Additive Synthesizer
Mutable Instruments Ambika
Korg Monotron
Nintendo Gameboy w/ Nanoloop Cart

Eurorack Modular:

Goike 9U Walnut Case w/ 3 Active Zeus Power Rails
Macbeth Dual Oscillator Analogue Oscillator
Sputnik Dual Wave Generator Analogue Oscillator
Synthesis Tech e350 Wavetable Oscillator
Cyclonix Cyclebox Digital Oscillator w/ Expander
Macbeth Backend Filter Low Pass Filter
Division 6 Filtare SEIII Multimode Filter
Plan B Model 13 Dual Timbral Gate
Cwejman Res4 Quad Resonator
Addac 8 Band Fixed Filter bank
Intellijel ┬ÁScale Quantizer
Intellijel Buffer Multiple
Intellijel Unity Mixer
Pittsburgh Mixer / Attenuator
Makenoise Maths
Flame Clockwork CV Generator

Sequencers & Samplers:

Akai MPC2000XL
Yamaha A5000
NI Maschine